My name is Danilo. I am a 21 year-old entrepreneur with a home base in White Plains, NY. I grew up in the Dominican Republic and am presently a student at the University of Delaware.

In 2011, I launched Authentic Ink Graphs and with $200 in capital. I have reached over $80,000 in revenue in a single month and launched a functioning office in Los Angeles, CA. My staff consisted of a team of six full-time employees. In addition, I am currently a partner in a brand monetization start-up, taking high engagement social media accounts and optimizing revenue through advertising and e-commerce. I’m also advising startups Caboodle and TenantU, focusing on high impact, targeted growth.

I’m particularly sympathetic toward less privileged individuals struggling to get into the workforce. I volunteer my time with Lazarus Rising, helping homeless men and women build resumes and apply to jobs.

Growing up in a third world country, in addition to living in Spain, Los Angeles and New York City, has exposed me to a wide range of cultures and has fundamentally shaped who I am today. Whether it be furthering my knowledge and involvement in the needs of the community around me, or picking up a new skill, I’m focused on contributing to society as well as my own personal growth.

I’m a passionate advocate for human interaction; I prefer conversation to texting and can be found leading people away from the couch to an adventure such as a hike in the woods or a spontaneous trip to City of Brotherly Love. I’m grateful to have a wide array of friends with different backgrounds from all over the world.

My innate sense of curiosity, a result-oriented demeanor and a self-imposed demand for excellence, creates an opportunity for those around me to grow and further themselves. I push myself to take initiatives, embrace new challenges and ultimately continue to learn. Developing strong interpersonal skills and asserting myself in as many different professional and world cultures as possible is the credo that I live by each day.





  • E-mail Marketing60%
  • Microsoft Excel47%
  • Social Media Analytics72%


  • Client Acquisition and Customer Retention
  • Brand Monetization
  • Excelled in sales management, client relationship in addition to pricing and contract negotriations
  • Customer Relations & Service
  • Telemarketing strategies (warm and cold call) and Prospecting
  • New Business Development


Language;Bilingual(Spanish and English)

Oral and Written Communication


Interpersonal Skills


Through my personal branding experience I have become an expert in providing consultation to college students on becoming marketable job candidates. I help students by working with them to improve their resume, cover letter and social media profile. My service is unique as I provide the distinct perspective of an employer, millennial and job applicant. For more information including client referral and past works, feel free to contact me.

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