hey there, im danilo an american dominican doing some thinking. i like a lot of things (the ocean, a good chirashi bowl, music) and im very curious. im happiest around interesting people. i read and aspire to design.


venture at ldv capital
eir at grand central tech
authentic ink graphs+

launched aig, an ecommerce memorabilia provider. made every cliche mistake. scaled a team to $80k month rev // 1m in sales at age 19. left school for a year and launching an office in los angleles. fought logistics fires and then an acquisition in 2016 .


class + curriculum+

wrote a curriculum and college course on socioeconomic mobility. the class leverages academic accountability to build real world results for students through the internship process. i wrote and co-taught the class fall '17 and spring '18 and currently serve as a guest lecturer/advisor.


launched shopfreestyleraps, a digital pop-up shop. did 18k in revenue in the first 30 days. closed ops a few months later to stop chasing short term gains.


launched influencia, a social native marketing project. signed major artists + record labels including sony music and universal music group. it kinda sucked.

places ive lived
dr, spain, la and ny

places i will live
tel aviv, tokyo?, sf

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